As a departure from the knavery, I blog on for the sheer futility of it.

For those of you who know me I can get on a far side of obsessed and my physical training regime this year is now in loony land.

My lovely doe eyed bride bought me  for Christ’s December retail extravaganza ten personal training sessions with ultra-iron man Richard Hume. Rich, an unassuming and classic British person of poshness will basically swim, bike and run…forever. His next feat is to row a small boat across the Atlantic. That’s my personal trainer.

Not wanting to let it rest at that, I took a tip from college classmate and fitness buff Rob Dowse about Crossfit, then started researching different systems until I just decided to randomize my training. Thus =RND().

So I created a spreadsheet to randomize my workouts and here was what I did today:

15 minutes of Cardio warmup (jump jacks, run in place, etc)

Handstand pushup X 4

Squat Thrust X 6

Situps, Feet on Floor X 13

Lunges X 7

Hanstand pushup X 4

Squat Thrust X 6

Squats X 11

Lunges X 7

Handstand Pushups X 4

Situps – Lets off Ground X 14

Squat Thrusts X 9

Lunges X 6

Lunges X 11

Squat Thrusts X 10

Squats X 14

Handstand Pushup X 3

Ran 5.13KM at 4.47 per KM pace.

Was a nice workout and completely random. 1.1 Level of fitness.

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