=RND() Continued

I get to mid-day today (Friday) and I am banged up. My legs are sore from my workout with Richard the Mad Ironman trainer, my neck hurts from the pullup disaster and I am just not into it. I thought ‘day off!’ for sure. But the purpose of Random Exercise is to not follow the mind’s curveballs but randomly exercise at a steady pace.

So I fired up my spreadsheet and kicked a program on. Here was what it generated and here is what I did:

-15 minutes cardio warmup
-11 x Walking Lunges
-10 x Walking Lunges
-15 x Squats
-3 x Handstand Pushups (good progress on these)
-16 x Pushups
-10 x Squat Thrusts
-17 x Tri-dips
-21 x Situps – feet on floor
-6 x Walking Lunges
-11 x Situps – legs elevated
-19 x Situps – feet on floor
-4 x Handstand pushup
-14 x Pushups
-20 x Squats
-21 x Pushups
-17 x Situps – feet on floor
-16 x Situps – feet on floor
-16 x Tridips

The pushups are getting much easier. Past the 15 minutes for the cardio warmup the exercise portion took about 20 minutes. 271 reps of various exercises in 20 minutes. Heart rate up pretty good. Felt good afterward, so the principle of the =RND() exercise works for today.

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