Barcelona Box

In a hotel room in Barcelona randomly generated a quick 20 minute routine

Walking Lunges x 20
Situps – Legs elevated x 12
Pushups x 22
Tridips x 15
Walking Lunges x 11
Squats x 13
Situps – Legs elevated x 12
Pushups x 20
Walking Lunges x 13
Tridips x 15
Handstand Pushup x 4
Situps – Feet on Floor x 21
Handstand Pushup x 2
Pushups 14
Squat Thrusts 10

Was well done by the end – took about 23 minutes. Finding a place to do a handstand pushup was tricky – the maid will probably wonder where the footprints 6′ up the curtains came from.

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