Hotel Workouts

The whole exploration of randomly generated workouts is to overcome the pause and avoidance impulse caused by circumstances (“I’m not near gym so can’t workout”, etc) and boredom (“I don’t feel like running again today.”)

On a recent four day trip the system worked brilliantly. I was trapped in a hotel at a conference. On the first day (Monday) I did a strength only workout in this tiny room, to include handstand pushups where my elbows were banging the bed and the wall. Then day two I had only 30 minutes, so I did a 20 minute run and 15 minutes of strength. On day three I did a full 35 minute strength routine, and day four I took off because I had a 7.45am meeting and a flight afterward.

The program works to get me started and working out – now we’ll see if it produces results.

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