Swimming with Moms

Swam today for 30 mins, about a minute per lap. I think its about 500M but I’m not entirely sure the distance. Right now I’m splitting the distance – one length freestyle and the next length breast stroke.

As the title implies, all of the ‘Yummy Mummy’s’ go to this pool to swim, but all it looks like they do is stand in the water and create botoxed swim obstacles.  At first outraged by the imbecility of it, I decided to be positive and the mindless human buoys could help me develop my swimming ‘spidey sense’ for triathlons.

Yesterday I did a =RND workout at the gym. The results:

  • 8 x Leg extensions
  • 10 x Pullups (on Gravitron)
  • 8 x Press-ups (free weights)
  • 11 x Squat machine
  • 8 x Squat Thrust
  • 14 x Pushups
  • 14 x Situps – Feet on Floor
  • 20 x Situps – Legs elevated
  • 14 x Situps – Legs elevated
  • 6 x Pullups (on Gravitron)
  • 21 x Squat machine
  • 20 x Gravitron Dips
  • 8 x Pullups (on Gravitron)
  • 15 x Squat Machine
  • 7 x Squat Thrusts
  • 21 x Situps – Legs elevated
  • 8 x Hip Raises
  • 18 x Gravitron Dips
  • 12 x Squat Machine
  • Hazy bunch of half exercises waiting for machines to open

After this I went on the rowing machine for 21 minutes. It was a good workout, but my hazy bunch of half exercises consisted of trying to sub one exercise for another as the gym got busy and stations were being used. I have to build my skill in quick substitutions. That’s the whole purpose of =RND.

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