Monthly Archives: April 2009


The entire battle for fitness is in overcoming our inherent psychological ‘limit switches.’ Our minds control the whole show, and the limits the mind sets are very hard to bypass unless you create a systematic way to trick yourself beyond your limits.

A common way to do this is to have a spotter, or workout partner, who will kick you past those points where you just don’t feel like doing it. Another way is to pay a personal trainer. If you pay, you place some value on getting it done so you will do it. That’s why I have Crazy Rich the Ironman. Every Tuesday he kicks my up and down the hill of my own limits

The randomizer is about tricking yourself. It is a tool for that most pervasive of moments – the “I dunno what I wanna do” for a workout. This moment of indecision creates fuzzy options and we will economize to our limits. With the randomizer the only decision is ‘workout or no’ and the randomizer takes it from there.

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