Next Study – 800 Numbers

After doing the first two stress studies I have determined that a large source of upset is when I interact with operating processes that do not work as I expect them to. Restaurant greet and seat. Airline customer service. Airbnb reservations and experience. So I have devised an experiment to see if I can reduce my upset reaction in those situations by going to the process that has a rich minefield of potential upsets – the toll free 800 number.

In this experiment I will log calls to 800 numbers and measure the following:

  • During each call I will use my Garmin heart rate monitor, Taplog app and an audio recorder. I will conduct the call on speaker phone. During the call when I feel a judgement or anger I will use Taplog to record the time stamp. Aftwerward I will look at heart rate spikes, Taplog time stamps and the recording of the what was happening in those moments to get a snapshot of the key moments in the call.
  • For five calls I will not use any technique. I will call using my normal preparation and record the results.
  • For ten calls I will use the techniques for negotiating with large companies outlined Getting More by Stuart Diamond. I have read the book and used some of the techniques, but I have not systematically applied the method.
  • At the end I will group the key moments by call and see if there was a reduction in stress moments and look for other patterns.

Of course, I will bring back the results by video for you here.

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