Climate & Happiness

At a teaser from my upcoming speech at the 2014 European Quantified Self Conference I have looked at the relationship of temperature to average intensity of upset reactions over the course of each day. The warmer the temperature the less intense the upsets if they are self induced – meaning if I am imagining some disaster scenario then my imagining is less intense when I am sitting on the beach!

Paul LaFontaine | Effect of Temperature

However, there is no change in “direct” reactions like someone almost hitting me with a car. So I get just as upset almost getting hit while walking from the beach as I do when walking in snow boots from the ski slope.

The method here is that I captured intensity of my reactions for a period where I was travelling in San Francisco, London and Abu Dhabi. Good temperature ranges to sample from! I took the intensity data via Taplog and exported it to excel, then manually added weather data. Using a Pearson R function I determine the correlation for Direct and Self Induced reactions.

Of course weather does not cause reactions, they simply have a relationship. For purists, my reaction intensity may have caused the weather. If I ever confirm that hypothesis I will report it here.

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