Nike’s Exit and Wearable Competition

A nice article on why Nike shut down its Fuelband effort that calls the move “an indictment” on wrist wearables. I think the indictment is on a magic bullet that device manufacturers are keen to create, market and dominate with sales. In the article there is the statement that Apple will come out with the ultimate device, but it is not likely that they will create the magic bullet either. 

This blog is about Quantified Self and experiments that can be done with a variety of devices and methods. What is hardest is thinking of the desired outcome and designing the activity. The tracking is easy. Tracking devices are abundant, methods to set goals and design activity are hard to find. 

Real life changing effect of wearables will come from accepted methods of combining data with activity. And this space of “try this and watch” is the true open space in the Quantified Self arena. 


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