The 800 Number Project – A Learning Point

Part of the 800 number project is to understand how my emotional state correlates with achieving my objectives when dialing an 800 number. They key to the exercise is to maintain focus on the desired outcome. One approach is to maintain a calm demeanor and reach out to the other person as a human being. This is usually achieved with direct conversation and covered in great clarity in Stuart Diamond’s Getting More.

Here is an indirect example of how to do it, and after the laugh it is actually a stroke of genius. A few pointers from the Getting More arsenal of techniques:

-The persons involved never say they are not going to pay the bill

-They acknowledge the person on the other end (Edy Mills)

-Unrelenting persistence. The company realized this was never going to end and it was easier to simply walk away.

Brilliant on all measures. Worth the read.

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