800 Number Data Example

Here is a call I had with USAA regarding a change to a policy. During the call I wore a Garmin heart rate monitor, recorded the call on a digital audio recorder and had Taplog open to record what I was thinking. There had been some confusion on the issue I was trying to resolve as it involved multiple policies, multiple states and different types of usage on a second car. I had called before. I called with the goal of consolidating coverage into one policy. You see the heart rate profile here.


My resting heart rate is between 65 and 72. So we see elevation until resolution during a call that lasted about 26 minutes. In the beginning the rep hesitated and asked me questions as if there was a problem. That spiked me to near 94bpm. Throughout the discussion of the problem is bounced along in the high 70’s and low 80’s. As it comes toward resolution the trend is downward until final resolution I return to resting. Interestingly, the highest spike occurs at the end when I try to be sociable with the rep and attempt to get a laugh.

So I achieved my goal in the discussion with a heartrate profile that showed me elevated throughout. This is part of the base case series from which I will begin applying techniques from Getting More to see if there are changes.

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