Fixing Sleep Data on Fitbit

When using Fitbit it is quite easy to forget to tap in for a nights sleep. Fortunately the Fitbit still captures your movement and you can log in the hours based on what you see. The method:

1. Go to your Fitbit home page and log in

2. Go to “Log” and the sub page “Sleep.” This is where you can update your sleep log.

3. Create a new sleep record approximating the hours you think you slept. I usually start it an hour before it think i went to be and put the waking the hour after I think I woke up.

4. Look at the resulting graphic. It will show when you were moving and when you were inert. It looks like this:


5. You can see where there is a concentration of red movement. On the graphic above you can see that I started getting really active at 7.30am. It s probably I woke up at around 7.45am, not 11am.

6. Edit the time as appropriate


7. You now have a more accurate representation of your sleep cycle.


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