Intensity Study – Direct vs. Self Induced

With 242 logged events over 24 days I have some initial results of the current intensity study. I always break the upset events into two categories, Direct and Self Induced. In this study I logged more specifically whether the source of the upset was in the immediate environment. The rule was that I would call it Direct if I could physically see the source. If the source of the upset was not visible I logged it as Self Induced. The result:



If you recall in the first study I found 75% of the upsets were Self Induced. The second study showed 65%. In the first study I had seen the number of Self Induced upsets drop as I observed them. The second study’s lower % may be from training myself in the first study. The trend continued in this study of showing a lower percent, though even with training and focusĀ 60%+ of upsets are Self Induced. I can say qualitatively I am dreaming up fewer disaster scenarios.

Tomorrow I will share breakdowns of intensity based on the physical state of lying, sitting, standing or walking.

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