Intensity Study – Stillness & Movement

One of the new dimensions I wanted to look at with respect to Direct and Self Induced upsets that I describe in my first post on this study is my physical state when I logged the upset. So using Taplog I created category buttons for lying, sitting, standing and walking and captured those states when I logged the upset. Over the period here are the volumes of triggers based on these states:



Sitting and standing are the states that predominate my entries. I noticed qualitatively that when I started walking the simple problem of navigation arose to displace a lot of rumination. This bore out in the numbers. Here is the breakdown of Direct and Self Induced by physical state:



Standing and sitting both had an almost equal number of Self Induced upsets. It looked like my mind would wander when being physically still. The types of Direct upsets that arose when sitting were encroachments of space, usually while travelling. Looking at the average intensity by physical state showed that standing upsets were more intense than sitting:



So comparing the future and past orientation of upsets I reported yesterday with this data would show that the largest category of stress if I combine number, type and intensity would be standing and ruminating about some disaster scenario that I think may occur some days hence. So if I were to prioritise remedies the easiest would be to notice when I am standing and thinking about some future event to breathe deeply and start walking.

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