Real Time HRV

I have now moved to monitoring and playing with Heart Rate Variability and have to say even early experiences have been really fruitful. I played with Zensorium’s Tinke which I liked for ease of use. I also have the iThlete heart rate band which as a former triathlon participant I really appreciate. I also got the Heartmath product, both Pro and Ermwave2. I use the Android Paced Breathing app which is simple and easy to use throughout the day. And I log everything on Taplog because though all these useful tools will tell me my HRV, only Taplog lets me log what is going through my mind at the different reading points. In the mix is the powerful monitoring.

Here is a 10 minute session using Heartmath this morning:


I used their “coherence coach” and was staring at a nice screen hearing soft music and an image of a ball that went up and down the entire time. How I felt at the end of that 10 minutes was remarkable. The circumstances included a quiet room, me focussing on my breathing and birds chirping outside. Pretty much ideal.

However, life it not ideal. So the question I have is how to reach this state of coherence as I go through life between pillar and post. The marketing materials say that doing that 10 minutes a day in that state will have a dramatic effect on the remaining 1430 minutes. Mathematically that seems odd. However, that is why we are here. To test and learn.

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