Why All This About Stress

Somebody asked me recently why I was doing all this work on stress. Was I that stressed out? The answer is actually the opposite. I currently have a very low level of stress. A few days ago I was giving a presentation to an organization and left the office without my power cord. It was a long way to go back and I had other things to do. As I began calmly solving for the problem I noted that I can remember how similar situations in the past would have sent me apoplectic with rage at my stupidity for not being organized. Now I just solved the problem with a fairly calm demeanor.

Three years ago I noticed that I was experiencing the same level of anger and anxiety that I can remember having when I was much younger. Life has turned out pretty well for me. I have a great relationship, some trophies on the shelf and a lot of good fortune. Surely my stress should be dropping as with time there was a lot less to be stressed about. It wasn’t the case.

Always being interested in mastery and learning I wondered if stress reduction could go beyond learning some basic cognitive behavioral therapy and doing yoga. Could I actually master stress reduction? So I started to look into it and tried some techniques. And it is a funny thing about Quantified Self. Once you have a little data getting more is always more appealing. So I study stress because I am a lot less stressed and I am more intrigued the more I learn.

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