Pushing Poise Outward

I spent 1.5 hours today working on getting myself back to Poise and added some imagery to see if it intensified the improvements but I feel the need to push a little harder. Rather than seeing how far down I can screw the return to Poise while working at my computer by myself, I want to take this into the realm of dealing with other people directly. So I am now going to start measuring my Upset reactions while dealing with others in person, by Skype or on the phone.



I started down this path with the 800 Number project which failed because trying to read from just heart rate and self report did not really yield much useful information. I did try multiple calls and logged them but was not satisfied it was going to go anywhere. Now with Heartmath and the satisfactory results of the previous look at respiration I am going to start exploring this again.

I feel pretty strongly that all the tech companies are going to introduce a large number of products that will help you return to a relaxed state while you sit quietly and count your breaths. Its a good thing and an excellent start point. But very soon it will not be cutting edge to sit relaxed for ten minutes a day and have your app turn green when your stress drops past a certain level.That will be center of the crowd. I want to push further afield.

To embed the learning from the past studies I am going to log 20 hours of returning the Poise while on a computer so I can lock in the sequence and have it at my disposal. Every five hours on the computer I want my 40 extra minutes of Poise so I am going to stick the basics and put in the miles.

In the meantime, I have a call with my bank in 30 minutes for which I have to get the kit set up so I can start measuring the baselines in that direction!

On we go.


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