Improve with Practice

After having discovered the benefits of using paced breathing to bring myself out of the Upset state, I have practiced 391 shifts from Upset to Poise using paced breathing. The original baseline was 124 Upset events and only logging the events, which had little effect, was 169. So of the 684 shifts from Upset to Poise just over half have been using breathing. Is the average recovery time improving? Here is a graph of all 684 shifts:



Over time the trend in the amount of time is takes to recover (black line) is decreasing. It becomes even more stark when looking at the sessions pre and post the use of respiration. When in baseline (no intervention) or only logging the average recovery time from an Upset was 33 seconds. Using respiration to assist in recovery dropped the average recovery time to 17.5 seconds.

So while I have experienced that practice improves the ability to reduce the recovery time, the the big change was including respiration as a tool in the process.

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