Closeout of Upset Study

Having just spend the last three days in Finland at the Upgraded Life Festival I had a chance to both network with an interesting group of people and bring my first measured Upset study to a conclusion. As is always the case with these studies there are always a few conclusions that are unexpected. I measured 699 Upsets over 11 days using the Heartmath Pro on my Mac. My largest takeaway is that I believe is the trend intellectually is just not so when I look at the data. Three examples:

Belief #1 – I thought that the number of Upset triggers during each session was keeping pretty steady at about one every two minutes.

Fact – Not so. Over the 11 days of data I collected the number of upsets per minute was steadily declining as shown in this graph.


Other than a really poor session on day 5 the trend shows the number or triggers dropping.

Belief #2 – I was improving my ability to return to Poise steadily over the course of the study. This graph seems to say that.


Fact – Not so. The introduction of the paced breathing was the single structural driver of the change. When I looked at the data for those Upset recoveries that occurred after introducing paced breathing the trend actually showed that Upset recovery was steadily increasing, not decreasing.


Belief #3 – By logging and recovering from Upsets that are completely Self Induced, ie I was sitting and imagining a poor outcome sometime in the future, I was improving my recovery time for that type of Upset.

Fact – Not so. After logging 160 specific Self Induced Upsets of that type after I introduced paced breathing, the recovery time remained flat as shown in this graph.



So the high level takeaway is that the introduction of the physical act of paced breathing was effective but none of the other elements of the process had a significant effect on the recoveries.

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