Feeling Lost or in the Wrong Place

Building on my thought that emotions are navigational in nature, I conducted 27 additional sessions and capture 379 new Upsets using Heartmath Pro to measure heart rate coherence (HRC)  and recording my thoughts during the Upsets. I am calling the state of being out of HRC an Upset. I have found two pre-conscious navigational reactions that underpinned most of the Upsets. I was either feeling Lost or felt I was in the Wrong Place. For each type of Upset there was a different remedy that was effective.

To get at the pre-conscious feeling I observed and recorded 16 navigational concepts like “too fast” or “off position” when I moved into Upset. What that looked like was the device would trigger, I would look at what I was working on a how I felt. I expressed the description in navigational terms. So “I am angry at John” was instead described as “I am about to collide with John.” Each situation was easy to express and the concepts came very fast.

Taking the 379 points I removed those items that had too few data points to be significant and then looked at the average times move from each type of Upset based on the recovery method I used. I also looked at the standard deviation of the recovery times to see which ones tended to be more consistent when different remedies were applied. I had used five methods of recovery that included only breathing, appreciating someone, resetting my goal and reversing the belief.

What I found was that two remedies seemed to address a large group of very specific categories of navigational feelings. When I looked those Upsets that Reset the Goal solved for, they were all types of feelings that could be described as feeling Lost. When I looked at Reversing the Belief solved, they could all be described as the feeling of being in the Wrong Place.

For example if I was working on a document and felt I should be working on a different document I would trigger an Upset that I would describe as being in the Wrong Place. When I Reset the Goal and said “I will just finish this paragraph” I would return to coherence very quickly.

If I was reading a passage and did not understand what I was reading and literally got lost in the words I would trigger an Upset that I would describe as being Lost. When I thought “That is not true, I understand some of this” I returned to coherence. This is a Reversal of Belief.

I am now training on more rapidly identifying the feeling and deploying the appropriate remedy to match the feeling.

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