Anatomy of an Upset & Return to Poise

I introduced the concept of the heart’s EM signature and thought I would unpack a few Upsets and returns to Poise so we could see both the context and the movement at the EM spectrum level. Both of these Upsets were during a work session yesterday. I was using Heartmath ERMPro to measure my EM signature and a simple digital recorder to hear what I was thinking at the point of Upset. The environment was quiet and without distractions while I was returning emails to colleagues to set up meetings.

Upset #1: The Undefined Meeting Date

I sent a note to a colleague suggesting a date and time to meet and immediately pinged red on the meter. I felt that I was in the “Wrong Place”, a navigational term I introduced in an earlier post. The feeling originated from not knowing if I had created a conflict with other meetings and a vague sense that this colleague had already rejected this date. All of this was at the feeling level and added up to a signal of being in the Wrong Place. The signature looked like this:


The EM signature showed my heart in the very low band, usually associated with Sympathetic Nervous System, or “fight/flight.” This Wrong Place feeling had put me on alert at a fundamental level.

Having practiced the most effective response to this is reversing the belief, I started hunting for the underlying pre-conscious picture that was creating the trigger. After some tries I hit on it – the date and time I had proposed really did not work for me either. Here is the profile:


Though this reversal process s aimed at creating a new picture that sends a signal to the heart all is OK, the process is rapid and verbal. It sounds like this “I’m not actually available Tuesday, he is not available Tuesday, he didn’t want Tuesday, I don’t want Tuesday, I want a different date and time.” Pop. The meter flashes green and the EM signature is as shows. Still with a lot of low frequency noise, but the mid-range pops online to balance it and coherence emerges. And I feel better in the process.

Upset #2: I need to reschedule

Another Wrong Place upset, this time when I had to email a colleague early in the morning and let him know I had to push a meeting off a couple of hours due to an error on my part. I felt out of place on a vaguely guilty level of doing my colleague wrong. The steps and frequency picture looked like this:


Again a big spike on the lower frequency band, so much so that is overrode the pretty active frequencies near .1Hz which is associate with coherence. As a note though this graph looks like the graph from the previous example where I am in coherence the ratios are very much mathematically different. The area under the curve for low frequency is much higher here.

Using a reversal of belief approach I begin hunting for a return to Poise. It looked like this:


The hunting for the reversal started with my commitment and feeling out of place for suggesting a last minute change, and I ranged to my colleagues displeasure, and I routed back to the fact the meeting had been rescheduled multiple times already and that we had been flexible with each other. This popped the Upset and I was back in coherence after 18 seconds. This time the lower frequencies damped down completely and the feeling was quite positive. It helped when my colleague emailed back a bit later saying “No problem.”

The reversal process is fast and iterative. The average of 18 seconds that I see on these comes from first identifying I am in Upset, moving through a Wrong Place feeling to the process of pictures and reversals. There are a lot of wrong trials so getting it below 15 seconds will be difficult.

And in the spirit of transparency, sometimes I can languish in an Upset for up to a minute due to not following the reversal of belief or misidentifying the source repeatedly.

Next I will pull together snapshots of a “Lost” upset.

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