The Power of Exporting Data

Here is why the ability to export data from the device is so critical if you are going to do cost effective quantification of your data. I collect heart rate variability (HRV) data with the Heartmath Pro which retails for $299. I think that is very expensive. The standard screen shows a points system and an HRV waveform as shown here:



Helpful to train yourself to breathe and reframe your mental state to put you into “coherency” which the Heartmath Institute says as a combination of different physiological and mental coherencies. Coherence for Heartmath is an abstraction from the heart rate intervals the ear clip reads. 

The reason I paid the extra money for the Pro version of Heartmath is that it exports data and that exported data can be uploaded into freeware like Kubios. I exported just over 9 hours of data spread over 25 sessions where I was sitting quietly using paced breathing to ensure I was in coherence. Here is my FFT spectrum from those 9 hours:


By moving the data from Heartmath to Kubios I can now cut the data by timeframe, aggregate it as I have done here and get a more precise reading on the amount of signal from Low Frequency and High Frequency both of which give me a ratio telling me how balanced I was in the period. I am freed up to actually discover things my changing my viewpoint and the data used. 

Not only are Heartmath interfaces fixed, the data collection tools are very visible. Fine if I am in the comfort of my own home, but I can’t conduct a negotiation with a colleague while wearing ear clip and my computer bonging away on the table. I can wear a heart rate monitoring belt beneath my shirt and capture the data on the app which also exports to Kubios. Here is a test session from Sweetwaterhrv displayed in Kubios:

Slide2The ability to interpret the date comes from the power of Kubios. And the way Sweetwater allows me to collect is unobtrusive and more useful. And the best thing of all? The app costs $9.99. By combining the power of one software with the usability and affordability of the other technology I can achieve my ends at a fraction of the cost. And I learn along the way which is really what QS is all about. 

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