One Big Reset

Not a lot of exciting news as I gather mounds of data for my next study. With a focus on the small increments within a working session or a meeting with another person I sometimes don’t report bigger wins in reducing actual Upsets.

Last night I had a belief that a good night of sleep was important and when the dog woke me up at 2.30am because she wanted some water I triggered an Upset. In this case I was irritated enough that getting back to sleep was a problem. In a quintessential Freakback being Upset about not sleeping made it hard to get back to sleep.

I pulled out my HeartmathPro and did a session to 500 points. Heartmath awards you points per second based on your coherence score, the higher earning more points. I do 500 points a day to keep myself reminded of what coherence feels like and I have been improving over time. Here is a graph of the time it has taken to earn 500 points in each of the last 46 sessions:

Slide1The trend line is down overall and you can see that some sessions take a long time, some are quite short. With practice I no longer need a breath pacer, I can breath along with the displayed RR interval curve and maintain high coherence.

Last night though I was irritated at the dog, and irritated I could not sleep, when I sat and did the breathing I had a record breaking session and finished 500 points in just over 10 minutes. This is the fastest time I have ever recorded. Here are the waveforms of the session as displayed by the Kubios software:


The top is the total session and the bottom the breakout of the first five minutes. That is a nearly perfect session. When I finished the irritation was completely gone. I set the device aside and fell asleep immediately.

That is a great ending and a victory for breath pacing and coherence. And puzzling in that I would have guessed that I would have taken a longer time to earn the points given I was irritated. Not so. My mind shifted to Poise almost immediately as seen on the waveforms and all trace of the irritation was gone.

As a sleep aid and way to reverse Upset emotions coherence is tough to beat.

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