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Barcelona Box

In a hotel room in Barcelona randomly generated a quick 20 minute routine

Walking Lunges x 20
Situps – Legs elevated x 12
Pushups x 22
Tridips x 15
Walking Lunges x 11
Squats x 13
Situps – Legs elevated x 12
Pushups x 20
Walking Lunges x 13
Tridips x 15
Handstand Pushup x 4
Situps – Feet on Floor x 21
Handstand Pushup x 2
Pushups 14
Squat Thrusts 10

Was well done by the end – took about 23 minutes. Finding a place to do a handstand pushup was tricky – the maid will probably wonder where the footprints 6′ up the curtains came from.

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Sunday Cardio

The RND program, recently improved, called for 35 minutes of cardio,. It was a nice day so I decided to run. Running means 35 mins / 5.25 mins per KM which is a target of 6.5KM. I ended up running to the Thames and pushed further to 7KM at a 4.55 mins per KM pace.

To update yesterday, the dog needs to get in shape too and I took her on an extreme walk (17KM). My Garmin showed about 1200 calories burned, which I don’t exactly believe – but it was a good four hours from Earl’s Court to Battersea Park to Whitehall up through St. James Park, Kensington Gardens and finally Holland Park.

=RND() Continued

I get to mid-day today (Friday) and I am banged up. My legs are sore from my workout with Richard the Mad Ironman trainer, my neck hurts from the pullup disaster and I am just not into it. I thought ‘day off!’ for sure. But the purpose of Random Exercise is to not follow the mind’s curveballs but randomly exercise at a steady pace.

So I fired up my spreadsheet and kicked a program on. Here was what it generated and here is what I did:

-15 minutes cardio warmup
-11 x Walking Lunges
-10 x Walking Lunges
-15 x Squats
-3 x Handstand Pushups (good progress on these)
-16 x Pushups
-10 x Squat Thrusts
-17 x Tri-dips
-21 x Situps – feet on floor
-6 x Walking Lunges
-11 x Situps – legs elevated
-19 x Situps – feet on floor
-4 x Handstand pushup
-14 x Pushups
-20 x Squats
-21 x Pushups
-17 x Situps – feet on floor
-16 x Situps – feet on floor
-16 x Tridips

The pushups are getting much easier. Past the 15 minutes for the cardio warmup the exercise portion took about 20 minutes. 271 reps of various exercises in 20 minutes. Heart rate up pretty good. Felt good afterward, so the principle of the =RND() exercise works for today.

50 X 50

I made the ridiculous goal of doing 50 pullups (Kipping Style of Crossfit) on my 50th birthday, which gives me many (many, many, many..) years of working up to 50 and keeping in shape for the 50th. I think my morale will be salved at turning 50 by being able to knock out the pullups.

So I go to the gym yesterday for a 1 hour spin and afterwards thought to knock out a couple pullups to start the program. I did exactly ZERO pullups. Trying to do three sets of 5 each negatives (ie leg myself up and lower myself slowly) I over exerted, crimped my neck and slunk from the place beaten and bowed.

50 x 50, baby.


As a departure from the knavery, I blog on for the sheer futility of it.

For those of you who know me I can get on a far side of obsessed and my physical training regime this year is now in loony land.

My lovely doe eyed bride bought meĀ  for Christ’s December retail extravaganza ten personal training sessions with ultra-iron man Richard Hume. Rich, an unassuming and classic British person of poshness will basically swim, bike and run…forever. His next feat is to row a small boat across the Atlantic. That’s my personal trainer.

Not wanting to let it rest at that, I took a tip from college classmate and fitness buff Rob Dowse about Crossfit, then started researching different systems until I just decided to randomize my training. Thus =RND().

So I created a spreadsheet to randomize my workouts and here was what I did today:

15 minutes of Cardio warmup (jump jacks, run in place, etc)

Handstand pushup X 4

Squat Thrust X 6

Situps, Feet on Floor X 13

Lunges X 7

Hanstand pushup X 4

Squat Thrust X 6

Squats X 11

Lunges X 7

Handstand Pushups X 4

Situps – Lets off Ground X 14

Squat Thrusts X 9

Lunges X 6

Lunges X 11

Squat Thrusts X 10

Squats X 14

Handstand Pushup X 3

Ran 5.13KM at 4.47 per KM pace.

Was a nice workout and completely random. 1.1 Level of fitness.