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DIY Tracking the Daily Energy Curve

I have reported in earlier posts that I am mapping my Daily Energy Curve so I can make changes in diet, exercise and mental frameworks that will maximize my physically feeling good. In the world of self quantifying we tend to maximize for a desired weight, blood glucose level, steps we take in a day or distance we can run. It gives us an organizing principle for our activity and measurements. My current work is to maximize just like this guy does:

feeling good

I needed a simple way to capture how I was feeling at different times. I like Taplog but it is only for Android and I had just switched to iPhone. I could not find an iPhone app that I liked. So I created a Google Form that would be easily accessible on the iPhone and I could capture my data often.  The survey on the phone looks like this:


I started gathering reports along three dimensions, six times a day. The dimensions were how awake I felt, how mentally sharp I felt and how stressed I felt.

I am very early days so I can’t describe what I have learned yet. I can show you what the early data looks like and how much data you can gather with a DIY tool like the one I created. This represents four days of data and 37 data points.

Here is the early data on how Awake I felt over the course of the day:


I was surprised to see how much the curve held up in the back end of the day. Here is mental alertness:

Mental Alert

Too early to be definitive but the drop the afternoon seems to be interesting.  The curve for how stressed I felt has a different and flatter curve:


I can now start running randomized experiments on the day parts. I am pleased to have created this tracker because I have a lot of control over what I can capture and I already have expansion ideas. And it keeps my tracking top of mind.

I encourage you to make your own DIY tracker. To help you out I have created a set of step-by-step instructions in a PDF and you can download it for free on QuantXLaFont.

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